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Friday mornings are an early start for Jenny Baxter. Up at around 6am, she has a quick breakfast before leaving for the ultra106five studios in Hobart’s Elizabeth St Mall. By then she’s done the final brainstorm for the morning’s radio interview, and uploaded a topic-specific image to the Treasuring Mothers Facebook group.

Having well over a decade of on-air radio experience makes the interview process relatively straightforward, but it’s never easy. “I’m always thinking it through – maybe even over-thinking!” she says. “Am I being inclusive? How will people respond? Can I say it better? These questions are always tumbling around in my head.”

Hobart’s ultra106five Breakkie Team

Thankfully, Breakkie hosts Scottie Haas and The Big J (Jason) are never short of a laugh. “Plus they usually ask all the right questions!” Jenny smiles. “Scottie insists the interview goes to air soon after 8:30am, because lots of mothers are in their cars, either taking kids to school, or on their way home again.”

I’ve had so many people say they’ve heard me on air, and found huge encouragement from what I said.

What’s the response to the weekly radio interviews been like? “It’s quite amazing, actually. I’ve had so many people say they’ve heard me on air, and found huge encouragement from what I said.”

The audio link is usually up on the Treasuring Mothers website on Friday afternoon, and the Facebook group gets the link as well.

“I’m really aware that not everyone can listen at that exact moment,” Jenny laments. “So it’s good to let the Treasuring Mothers community know as soon as possible. The good thing is that ultra106five replay the radio interviews each Sunday, sometime between 10am and 12 noon.”

To Listen to ultra106five Online CLICK HERE

  • Treasuring Mothers Interview, Fridays soon after 8:30am  (GMT +10)
  • Listen to Jenny’s Sunday morning show, Sunday Morning Favourites, Sundays 6-10am (GMT +10)

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